I just returned from a lovely vacation with my family in Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu.

It’s the same place I lead my retreats every year.

On my last day I took my walk and watched this sunrise.

Pictures never do anything the kind of justice they deserve.

It really was magical how the rays of sun beamed out … almost spiritual really.

I sat here and watched the sun and the waves.

And I asked the ocean to tell me something about each of the retreaters who are coming to work with me in October.

I said each of their names, one by one, and asked the ocean to tell me about them in the waves I assigned to their name.

It was a fascinating experience.

I said a name.

Looked at the first wave I saw.

And then watched it.

And it spoke. The waves truly spoke.

I love the ocean.

I love the sunrise.

I love Turtle Bay.

And I love the amazing women I work with each year.

What do you think your wave would say?