October 12-16, 2018- SOLD OUT

If you’re going to come to Hawaii and spend some time on yourself, why not do so in a beautiful, oceanfront condo?

Add a few evenings with lovely, fruity drinks and gorgeous sunsets.

For grins let’s add a lovely, oceanfront dinner at Roy’s Beach House. Served up with all the sumptuous flavors of the islands.

You need a break.

This experience will remove the details of your day-to-day, so you can focus on your own Coaching-on-the-Beach experience,

and your own relaxation.

The most important lesson I’ve learned by bringing women to the beach for this experience is about the power of letting the noise of your day-to-day life slip into the background.

As creative, successful women we have our own, powerful wisdom.

But the ‘busy-ness’ of our lives and the ‘busi-ness’ of our work can often prevent that wisdom from getting the attention it deserves.

When you take a minute and allow your body and mind to just BE.

No shopping to do.

No meetings to attend.

No emails to answer.

Just YOU and ME and the other fantastic women

AND the sea and the sand and the sun.

Magic happens.

You reconnect to the whispers you know are there but you can’t give time to in your day-to-day life.

That’s the work we do together.

Coaching-on-the-Beach is a decadent experience because you deserve it to be.


Imagine sitting in your beach chair.

This is your view.

We sit together and I walk you through a series of questions and exercises.

You receive powerful coaching to help you break through some of the limitations you’ve either self-imposed or wrangled with … sometimes for years.

You achieve a level of clarity and knowingness that has eluded you.

Each day we meet from 8:30-1:00pm. On the shore.

The rest of the day is yours to relax, read, journal, walk, zipline, spa. Up to you.

Each day we continue to learn more about the habits and beliefs that may be smothering

the whispers and wisdom that crave your attention.

Here’s our Agenda

Friday: We meet for cocktails at the Turtle Bay Pool Bar to meet and watch the sunset.

Saturday: We spend four to five hours working together and then have an afternoon to ourselves.

Saturday evening is a lovely dinner at Roy’s Beach House. It’s DIVINE!

Sunday: We spend another four to five hours together on the beach. The rest of the day is yours

Monday: Another wonderful morning together with an afternoon free.

You must know. As a former business leader and now Executive Coach.

Everyone… I mean everyone…

Leaves with a plan.

You will have done some powerful work and it is always my goal to see to it that you REALIZE the efforts of your work.

You will devise insights, ideas, and notions you may not believe were possible.

Between your own mind, the brilliant wisdom of the other women who will be with you, and the dash of coaching ‘provocateur’ I add; your mind will masterfully guide you into new goals … Goals that may genuinely surprise you and will most definitely delight you!

Tuesday is check out day.


This year we’ll be staying in an over-the-top, on-the-ocean, LUXURY condo.

We will be on-the-beach. (see images below)

The Turtle Bay Resort is exquisite and unlike anywhere else on the planet.

It’s how it should be when you are choosing to invest in yourself.

After your retreat time you can find a quiet spot on the beach, relax on the lanai or any other selection of perfect, reflection options available on The North Shore.


You can join me and your other fellow coachees on the lanai for a cocktail and a snack.

You can join me at the Waimea Falls or for a quick trip into Old Haleiwa.

This is YOUR time and you can indulge the experiences that call to YOU the most.

Here are some images of the condo reserved for this Indulgent Experience in October 2018.

Please keep in mind that all deposits and final payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

So please, do your research and make sure this is really and truly what you want to do.

I’d like nothing more than to share this incredible experience with you, but I also know it’s an investment in both time and money.

When you say YES. I want it to feel OH SO GOOD to YOU that you did!

Having said that, be careful not to overthink it.

I usually find a YES is a YES pretty quickly.

Just as a NO is a NO pretty quickly.

It’s when we let a YES fester and find excuses, that’s when we get the most kerfuffled in our decision making.